The Princess Diaries ⇸ JB | COMPLETED

The Princess Diaries ⇸ JB | COMPLETED

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Adi 🎧❤️ By unbrokensmile Completed

Fey Vega was your typical seventeen year old girl; she went to school, hung out with friends, and tried to keep her grades up.

When a family member comes to visit, a secret is revealed, and her world turns upside down.

Will telling her best friend, Justin, her secret, change his feelings towards her?

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This is dedicated to @kingraxuhl ❤️

NIHAL_JB NIHAL_JB May 04, 2016
I can't find him attractive after watching teen wolf ... Damn I hate Theo !! 😠
kia0107 kia0107 May 05, 2016
Mike from pll 😊 thank you for using familiar people for your characters
biebersprincess- biebersprincess- Jun 24, 2016
My heart legit fluttered it got all fuzzy that was so damn cute
fistingyourmother fistingyourmother Jul 27, 2016
no my mom would've screamed 'COÑO' and talk about how i wanna suck every nigga at school's dick I LOVE BEIN DOMINICAN
kia0107 kia0107 May 05, 2016
Lexi from The fostersssss omg I did not like her in like the first couple seasons
BieberGrande-Butera BieberGrande-Butera Dec 14, 2016
My mom would ask several questions like who's the kid how does he look like and all that crap I love being Cuban