Hush, Howl (Complete and Editing)

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thank 're buffalo burgers are to die for and there milkshakes
So she was younger when that happened. I'm so glad because I thought she was older and  was just thinking that she was acting childish that's what happens when you make assumptions 0.0
I thought she was mute? (I watched the trailor) wait, is this her parents death? Please don't make me read this... I don't want details on how they died!
Not really, thinking hard takes a lot of energy. My dad is an example... Very hardworking and a bit on the chubby side...
I love cat and I love Wolfs   It's  like the story was written for me love it ❤️
since she is ariana I bet she is singing " SO ONE LAST TIME I NEED TO BE THE ONE WHO TAKES YOU HOME "