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Hush, Howl (Complete and Editing)

Hush, Howl (Complete and Editing)

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Lovely By MyLovelyWriter Completed

I'm thanking you all for clicking this page! This story brings me nostalgia as I have written this when I was just 11? 12? I forgot. But please pardon the inconsistencies of good grammar since I'm feeling too lazy editing this one.

Thank you for understanding,


This is the official trailer that I made. The next chapter contains the next trailer made by IridiscentStarlight! Thank you so much for the effort!


"Sapphire, dear! Are you ready?" hearing my mother call, I checked my appearance one last time in the mirror. I arranged the bow that I had put in my hair once again, making sure it was perfectly in place and smoothed down the lacy green dress that I wore. Smiling at my reflection one last time, I skipped downstairs while singing cheerily.

         "I love gummy bears! Oh, so yummy gummy bears!" I chanted, giggling. Carefully I trudged down each step then hopped from the last one to land in our main foyer. Glancing up, I spotted my mother looking down at me with ...

Silent_Assassin43762 Silent_Assassin43762 20 hours ago
i'm a monster and i'm not a human apparently so this has no effect on me whatsoever like seriously I'M NOT N O T NOT NORMAL
I recommend Under Shade by @AshleyNicoleLeon it's a great book 📚
paskahaisee paskahaisee May 10
You actually burn calories by thinking, I am not sure how much tho, but I read that somewhere
Didn't it say earlier that she cried and CALLED FOR THEM TO COME BACK? Sorry caps but I'm emphasizing it lol
ivy_wr ivy_wr Feb 18
I just started my first story on wattpad pls go check it out and tell me what you think
                              It will mean the world to me 😊