Hush, Howl (Complete and Editing)

Hush, Howl (Complete and Editing)

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I'm thanking you all for clicking this page! This story brings me nostalgia as I have written this when I was just 11? 12? I forgot. But please pardon the inconsistencies of good grammar since I'm feeling too lazy editing this one.

Thank you for understanding,


This is the official trailer that I made. The next chapter contains the next trailer made by IridiscentStarlight! Thank you so much for the effort!


"Sapphire, dear! Are you ready?" hearing my mother call, I checked my appearance one last time in the mirror. I arranged the bow that I had put in my hair once again, making sure it was perfectly in place and smoothed down the lacy green dress that I wore. Smiling at my reflection one last time, I skipped downstairs while singing cheerily.

         "I love gummy bears! Oh, so yummy gummy bears!" I chanted, giggling. Carefully I trudged down each step then hopped from the last one to land in our main foyer. Glancing up, I spotted my mother looking down at me with ...

    maradith123 maradith123 Jun 07
    Luv that place... parents will die though wont they? Car accident maybe?
    Bat_Girl14 Bat_Girl14 Aug 28
    This story is so cute and adorable *you need to buy me gummy bears for that* 😂
    Wow I love this book so far! I'm new and I just wrote a story and it would be amazing if any of you would check it out.
    powwahhhh powwahhhh Jun 08
    New writer here! I've got two books up & I'd love for your feedback. 💗
    I've never heard of Fuddruckers and I was skim reading and you can imagine what I saw lol. Had to read it like 3 times 😂
    She just so happens to impart this very important piece wisdom on her daughter right before (and we all know it's going to happen) both she and her husband get killed. Also this is not a spoiler as I have not read this story before, merely a guess, that I knew will come to pass.