The Thick Girl & the Badboy

The Thick Girl & the Badboy

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LaughinfUnicorn By LaughinfUnicorn Updated May 10

"Don't  you ever  disrespect me like that again, you bitch!" I yelled at him, his friends laughing as I walked away.

"You're a freak Koleen!!" He yelled at the whole school.

I simply flicked him off, and turned around only to crash into a wall. 

   A hard, but fleshy wall.

Wait, what? Before I could respond, my thoughts were interrupted by a cold, but sexy deep voice,

"Watch where you're going midget!" He snarled. I looked up only to be startled. 

This dudes  jawline seemed to be sculpted by the gods themselves, with his cheekbones,and  his soft  looking dark brown hair. 

 He  was mighty fine, but his eyes looked evil and cold. 

And I knew that he was just like any other boy. 

" You're the one who needs to open their eyes!" I barked at him. He looked down at me, his eyes dangerously  piercing mine, and  his face was painfully just inches from mine, his hot breath on my face. 

"What'd you  Fucking say?" He snarled again, this time with little drops of  spits spritzing on my face. 

This boy was waay too close to me, has he not heard of personal space? 

I gulped intimidated, but kept my eyes on him, got on my tippy toes & said,

"Boy you heard me." My voice barely a whisper.

His jaw was clenched with his hands in fists. 

'he couldn't possibly punch me can he?'

"Bitch you better fucking watch your mouth, because I can make your life a living hell!" 

I didnt doubt him.

His eyes were still deadly on mine, & although he was intimidatingly hot, he still scared  me.

I got down from my tippy toes to my normal size.

And I immediately  felt super small compared to him, but nonetheless  I kept my brave act. 

He smirked, his eyes going from pure black to meltingly chocolaty brown. 

"You're alot shorter than i thought you'd be." He said with a playful smirk.
       Disclaimer:I'm  still editing  the first  few chapters  but i promise  you it gets better:)

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sbuetiger12 sbuetiger12 Jan 24
I own like a freaking legging those things are my heaven 😍
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Please make another chapter this one was really great 😆😆
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LOL can we switch bodies like I'm not skinny but can we just switch bodies like dang😞