In Love With The Player (CAMREN)

In Love With The Player (CAMREN)

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Ms.StealurGirl By Mikayla14b Updated Sep 16

Camila Cabello. Not so popular but not so much of an out cast at Miami high. Her friends, Dinah and Normani are with her in this school of labels. Having her heart broken countless times by boys that were really playing with her feelings for fun. She's never really considered having another relationship where she's  just probably going to end up having her heart more broken than it already is.

Lauren Jauregui. Popular lesbian girl. Badass with an ego that is really ridiculous. Her best friend/sister, Demi is her partner in crime in the school, but a lover not a fighter. At Miami high, Lauren has every girl drooling over her, she has a literal fan club, with girls that would kill just to have her look at them. But the thing is, Lauren is a player and she's not one to keep a relationship for very long. At least that's what people think...

What will happen when these two paths cross? Read and find out.

Not very good at descriptions. Or story writing. Or anything. But this is my first attempt to write a Camren fanfic so I hope you enjoy.

I have a teacher named Mr. Thomson he's cool last night I had a dream that he took my pencil and he never gave it back
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Oh, I'm a little bit jealous, and I'm a little bit rock 'n roll...
Lolo? Oh HELL NO! Ally, I love you, but that's CAMILA'S nickname for Lauren! Stick with 'Laur'.