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Fairy Tail: The Legend of Etheoria (4th Book In the "Intertwined Fates" Series!)

Fairy Tail: The Legend of Etheoria (4th Book In the "Intertwined Fates" Series!)

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케이시 By Cryptic_Eyes Completed

Book #4 and also the final installment in the "Intertwined Fates" Series!

Natsu and Lucy thought everything was over, that everything that had happened...Rose Valentine, Annabelinda: the Spirit Dragon, Loren and Lores, Vallen and Natsu's battle, and Lucy's almost-death...was over.  Natsu and Lucy had finally proclaimed their feelings to each other, and are happy together.  But...when Lucy remembers what Rose told her, she tries to find answers.  
And that's not the only problem; when Natsu and Lucy go out on another mission together, they are led to a certain magical town to the north, where they encounter an evil mage.  He claims to want the powers of Etheoria, and thinks Lucy has it.  Attacking them, Lucy and Natsu are out-gunned until the mage realizes Lucy isn't the one, and disappears.  A few days later, the team runs into a young girl who has mysterious powers, and realizes this is the small girl who has the powers of Etheoria.  Deciding to protect her, Lucy and Natsu take her back to the guild, asking what Etheoria is and why that man was after her. 
As the time progresses, Fairy Tail finds themselves caught up in a secret alliance, and fighting for the small child who is being targeted.  When Lucy decides to take the weight of the little child's burden, Natsu protests, but Lucy has to do what's right.  Now that Lucy has Etheoria, she is in much more trouble than she bargained for.
Can Fairy Tail stop this secret cult and keep the child save, along with the now-targeted Lucy?  What about what Rose told her secretly, before she left?  Can Lucy figure out what she said?  And what will Natsu and Lucy do, now that they are in a much closer relationship?
Find out what happens in Fairy Tail: The Legend of Etheoria!
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livylooyt1 livylooyt1 Nov 18, 2016
I wish she said "I must see babies the next time I see you ;)"
AquaticArtist AquaticArtist Aug 07, 2016
More and more characters start shipping NaLu, I'm so proud :,)
lexigotlols lexigotlols Jul 21, 2016
I thought she was going to say something about "NALU babies" or something along those lines
oheyimlucy oheyimlucy Jun 14, 2016
Mira seems chill but I bet she's screaming inside because her otp is canon... I can relate
Tomatofox Tomatofox Dec 24, 2015
hamsterphan hamsterphan Nov 29, 2015
I remember when Happy would always say, "That's the great Erza for you." When we were introduced to Erza in Fairy Tail Anime.
                              Now, I keep thinking, "That's the great Happy for you!" Whenever Happy the NaLu fancat does his job!