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The Girl With Scars

The Girl With Scars

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♚ By Stars_Align223 Updated Mar 13

Seventeen-year-old Tessa Smoak never knew the feeling of being loved, or even wanted. Tessa has a past that she tries to run away from, constantly. She moves to L.A, for a fresh start with her Mom. She starts school and tries to be invisible, but that doesn't last long. She meets popular, arrogant and typical high school jock; Caleb. He tries to get to know her, but she pushes him away like everyone else in her life who gets too close. 

❝Romance, best friends, enemies, and drama all come together in The Girl With Scars.❞ - @XxTsumixX author of  
'More Then Meets The Eye.'

❝Just stop! Ok?❞ I beg trying to walk away from this scene he's created. 
❝Not until you tell me what's wrong!❞ He shouts gathering the attention of the small amount of our peers left after school. I continue to walk away picking up my pace now. 
❝It's nothing, okay?❞ I state as tears threaten to spill.
He grabs my arm pulling me backwards so that I'm in front of him.
❝Tess please te-❞ He stutters but I cut him off. 
❝You won't like me if I do..❞ I explain. 
He stares at me for what seems like forever, and then smashes his lips onto mine. For some reason I kiss him back, and for that moment all the pain is gone. For that moment I'm a normal teenager.
❝Hey, of course I will still like you.❞ He says, pulling us apart, and I want all of me to think he will, but I can't trust anymore. Not again. 

Cover made by @PlanetBlondie

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