The Girl With Scars

The Girl With Scars

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17 year old Tessa Smoak never knew the feeling of being loved, or even wanted. Tessa has a past that she tries to run away from, constantly. She moves to L.A, for a fresh start with her Mom. She starts school and try's to be invisible, but that doesn't last long. She meets popular, arrogant and typical high school jock, Caleb. He tries to get to know her, but she pushes him away like everyone else in her life who gets too close. Best friends, enemies, and drama all come together in The Girl With Scars.

❝Just stop! Ok?❞
❝Not until you tell me what's wrong!❞
❝It's  nothing, okay?❞ I say as tears threaten to spill.
He grabs my arm pulling me backwards so that I'm in front of him.
❝Tess please te-❞
❝You won't like me if I do..❞
He stares at me for what seems like forever, and then smashes his lips onto mine. For some reason I kiss him back, and for that moment all the pain is gone. For that moment I'm a normal teenager.
❝Hey, of course I will still like you.❞ He says.


Cover made by @PlanetBlondie

Omg guys! Sorry great! I'm so sorry for your lose with Jane and everything... Todalo!