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High school Fiasco (SEPTIPLIER)

High school Fiasco (SEPTIPLIER)

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Septiplier fan girl By fandomlovez Updated May 11

Highschool. What could be worse then that...? How about going to a brand new school? Put both of those together and you have Sean Mcloughlin. Or Jack as he prefers, is going to a brand new school as an exchange student coming from Ireland. Lucky for him the guy who shows him around the school just happens to become his friend. Jack quickly fits in with a new found group of friends, nothing could ruin this... Or could it...Jack soon meets the star of the foot ball team with an easy to anger personality. Red hair, brown eyes, muscular and handsome? That would be Mark. Mark Fischbach. He's real popular with the ladies and it seems Jack has no chance. Even his new found friends seem to have something against Mark. Especially Felix. 

What happens when Jacks life gets flipped upside down because of Mark?

What is Felix hiding about Mark?

Will the fiasco ever end?

Or will Jack be alone?

It's bothering me that that 'to' isn't correct...Oh well! It's a great story anyway!
                              *foot begins tapping uncontrollably out of botheredness from that 'to'*
Niamhy2810 Niamhy2810 Apr 08
Art: BYE!
                              Music: my escape from this world
                              Performing arts: Nope!
                              Photography: another escape from the world
                              This is what I can do and I like
Am I the only one  not freaking out with the hitler hiller thing and more interested about her baking class
Me: *reads he is tall* tf is that what other person that is associated with Jack has red hair *starts to have nervous breakdown cuz dies not understand, continues to read* oh...tall compared to him...that makes sense
@elovelyanm it might be an A day/B day schedule like my school does. You have four periods one day and a different four the next, back and forth like that, so you have (7 or 8 at my school) total but only four a day.
livlov17 livlov17 Apr 10
Everybody over here talking about SkyDoesMinecraft and I'm like Seananners, is that you?