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Miraculous: The Play

Miraculous: The Play

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Looking for host By Marinette_D_Cheng Completed

"Lights, camera, akumas?" Marinette's school is making a play about the life of the two heroes, Chat Noir and their beloved Ladybug. The roles seem to fit the person, Nino's the Bubbler, Nathanael's the Illustrator, Alya's Lady Wifi, and even Adrien's Chat Noir! All except Marinette, who's somehow stuck being the costume designer and the understudy for Chloe?! The blonde brat seems to have landed the role of Ladybug, and doing a rather bad job of it too. Of course, it's no surprise she seems to have made a few calls to her dad during the play auditions.... However, when trouble arises, will the true heroine step up to her spotlight?

The only 2 crushes I've had in my life moved away from me without any possible way to reach them
Adrien:*drops Chloe* oops my bad 
                              Chloe:*gets a concusion*
                              Marinette:*gets the role*
2erin1 2erin1 May 18
Id love for her to just correct hi mor something. Like "Ahem, I'd prefer 'Writer'"
Ummm, a part of being a writer is to have the knowing of your work being replaced or changed, or even rejected or go unnoticed or unliked. That's just it. You need to accept that. But, you should always put your best try into it in order to have a good shot at being recognized.
Welp... When that started it thought it was Chloé because I misread WITLESS as SHITLESS... Oops!
Ha! You are great at sarcasm Chloé!
                              *song "Nightcore-Sarcasm" begins to play in the background*
                              No! That's not what I- Fine, just leave it. Its a good song...