I, The Bad Boy...In Love.

I, The Bad Boy...In Love.

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Unique By michymurphy Updated Jul 29, 2016

Ian Carter was known in school for his amazing looks & popularity. He was what we girls called the biggest player ever! Ian was heartless when it came to bullying the others in Dewitt Clinton but as he always said, "It's my reputation." 

Ian knew that their was no hope for him to change not even a girl would, but I guess that all changed when Luna arrived. 

She was new girl that had Ian's heart racing like crazy. He couldn't get her out his mind. 

Will Luna be His hope in changing? Will she be the one to fill that whole in his heart, his father caused? 

Find out in "I, The Bad Boy...In Love."

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Unless little Lucy has a baby sitter, I would hope mommy is home
But like what if she had moved away, you would have been f*cked
GriffinClaw_147 GriffinClaw_147 May 03, 2017
I'm so happy, because this is one of the stories with a boy going for the girl, and it's in that point of view.  Thanks so much!
But shouldn't the the other two be in school then. I meant they're all in highschool, unless they didn't go today?
I must be like a big failure or something, because I can't even get a job a McDonald's and they hire everybody
A lot, I bet. Doctors hand out prescriptions like it's candy, now a days