simone said what?

simone said what?

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simone shirazi By simonesaidwhat Updated Feb 09

simone knows exactly what she said.  

[a rant, faq, and history book]  

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melize- melize- Dec 30, 2017
you have me wanting to research different ethnicities and learn more about them
Anonymous__Unicorn Anonymous__Unicorn Aug 24, 2017
The title. Synopsis. Quote. 
                              WHAT HAS SIMONE DONE!! 😂😂😂
anaiiisja anaiiisja Dec 27, 2017
👀 👀 if you don’t mind me asking, where’d you get your degree / did you stay in d.c. for college? i’ve gotta start looking around and this track is perfect (personal, ik, and totally understand if you don’t want to disclose!!)
springguks springguks Dec 30, 2017
unless im mistaken im pretty sure it's pronunciation is literally just it's spelling
GoldLinkaa GoldLinkaa Feb 11
im starting to think the internet was one of the resources she used
springguks springguks Dec 30, 2017
honestly i feel like unless you're from a Muslim country you aren't properly taught the geography of certain countries unless they are somehow related to your country's history and it's honestly so frustrating because almost everyone thinks most Muslim countries are just like Saudi Arabia.