Lexus' Silence

Lexus' Silence

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Gone. By Writer20161 Updated Aug 27, 2016

Lila was close friends with Lexus, the two were inseparable. Their parents were sure they were mates, but life isn't perfect.

When Lexus finds his mate, he starts to ignore Lila. When he does talk to her, he sounds annoyed all the time. So, Lila steps down from the beta position and moves on with her dream. To become a doctor. 

She leaves the pack, her family, and Lexus so she could go to school. 

Only to return eight years later to find the new, Alpha Lexus.

  • abuse
  • alpha
  • family
  • friendship
  • hate
  • hurt-comfort
  • love
  • luna
  • mute
  • pack
  • pain
  • romance
  • silence
MariaBruhz MariaBruhz Mar 05, 2017
Great looks like im going to have to cut a bitch, why is it that I cant retire from cutting bitches and exposing hoes? Im getting to old for this
elisia_123 elisia_123 Apr 29, 2016
Ahaha this time it's the mate abusing Lexus 😆 tell me if I'm wrong
Secretly-Magic Secretly-Magic Jul 28, 2016
But isn't he meant to be the 'strong alpha male'. How can he protect his pack if he can't protect himself?
Flyhigh167 Flyhigh167 Apr 30, 2016
Ok so, congrats whoever is Lexus's mate, your on my hit list, I don't hate you just enough to kill you but I'm moving closer
chaoticaddicts chaoticaddicts Sep 05, 2016
I love the idea of you switching idea role off abuse but noooooo
josieban josieban Apr 30, 2016
BRUH if he is the one getting abused I just don't know what I would so