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I'm Mentally Slow By GirlChaos03 Updated Jul 14, 2016

(Yes, I'm using Larroth instead of Garrence XD) 

Garroth is the abused kid at the school who gets bullied by the shadow kids and gets bad grades. He has no friends, and never eats lunch. His dad hates him, and would take out his anger on him every day. His mom died when he was small, so Garte did what he pleased with them. Garroth would always receive the beatings, because he doesn't let his dad tough his brothers. Which makes Garte even more mad. 

Laurence on the other hand, has friends, good grades, has loving father and sister, and is one of the popular kids at school.

But what would happen if Laurence starts having feelings for Garroth? 

Hi guys! GirlChaos03 here! And I bring you this book to enjoy! (Or not) And I just want you to know that I'm more comfortable when I do the my street setting instead of the MCD setting. So yeah. Enjoy!

PaintedSkyes PaintedSkyes Nov 13, 2016
Whelp now I have someone else to put on my 'Who To Kill' list.....GARTE BE PREPARED TO DIE!!!
Catattack321 Catattack321 Dec 28, 2016
Somehow I don't think Garroth to be the type to cut himself. 
                              Who am I kidding
                              NOOOOOOOOO!!! PLS NUUU
I'm sorry Garroth, but...
                              🎶HE WILL NEVER BE SATISFIED 🎶
Zanarian93 Zanarian93 Jan 03
Bad garroth staying a good boy In stead of watching the fight
SheepSleep88 SheepSleep88 Nov 03, 2016
G-gar gar! Are you okay? Here's a bandaid for that cut! *I apply the bandaid* There we go! Hehe!
LivvieCat LivvieCat Dec 14, 2016
Whip + dab = awesome dance move I go when lit things happen.