Jerks! Jungkook X Reader X Taehyung Fanfic

Jerks! Jungkook X Reader X Taehyung Fanfic

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alimabxx By alimabxx Updated Dec 04, 2016

It was another day at school...
me getting bullied , kicked , made fun of , and all of this happens because of the school bad boys. did I mention that I had a massive crush on them.
they call themselves BTS or BANGTAN BOYS. they are really really popular and I hate the fact that I have a crush on 2 of them , yes 2. the 2 I like are Kim taehyung and jeon jungkook , and they are the ones that beat me up the most, just because they want to. im not a nerd or anything, they just want to beat me up and I really hate it.

Anyway , i was in detention because of jungkook. in class we were having an asessment and i felt pocking on my back and i knew it was jungkook because he sits behind me. he was pocking me with a ruler. after he pocked me about 100 times i got really pissed and turned around said "WHAT?!?!?" i never should have said that because i knew he would beat me up again,and i got a fucking detention!

i looked at the clock and it was 4 pm. i got up with my bag and exited the class roo...

Do_You_Like_Messi Do_You_Like_Messi Aug 19, 2016
Why would you have a crush on someone who beats you up? But I really like this so far
Softballgirl300 Softballgirl300 Oct 04, 2016
Kookie are you on your man period because I hat when people yell at me during mine
Aneesha2707 Aneesha2707 Nov 14, 2016
Is this a boy x boy or girl x boy or either cuz. I got scared the Kookie was beating up a girl 😂😂😂
Cat_Kookie Cat_Kookie Jul 02, 2016
I don't know why? The word "tummy" cracks me up. I find it cute but funny.
KOOKIE HOW DARE UUUUUUUUUUU!!!! Also lol J hopefully, if j hope is there it'll b better 😂