Still Trying To Find My Way | #Wattys2016

Still Trying To Find My Way | #Wattys2016

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Cal By Shanellica Updated Feb 26, 2017

Micah has been through so much in his life, devastating drama, love loss, not to even mention being nearly killed to death several times, but he's somehow managed to still keep standing tall!

It's been nearly 5 years since we last seen Micah. He has definitely been on his grind becoming one of the best young up and coming actors in Hollywood. 

With this newfound fame comes a bunch of pressure not only to be great, but juggling his demanding career of being an actor all while fathering his now growing daughter Ava.

Micah will definitely discover there's a price to fame but is he willing to pay? With old skeletons and people from his past starts to resurface, will he ever live his life scandal free. 

Things will definitely take a turn for the worst! 

Can Micah Handle It?

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ishxku ishxku Mar 10, 2017
That's mad crazy, how you gone let him run through them cheeks so easily?
Devin0991 Devin0991 Jun 02, 2016
I'm mad that Austin was set up! I was hoping that them two were gonna do the happy family thing
Kid076 Kid076 Apr 29, 2016
All that for some ass? 😑😑. Micah you fell for it anyway 😂😂😂
Shanellica Shanellica Apr 29, 2016
I can tell y'all asses been waiting, the way all the notifications popping up kmsl 😂
Kid076 Kid076 Apr 29, 2016
Micah and Ava's relationship is definitely going to be an issue if he don't make time for her. 
                              Austin who? 😂😂😂
                              I don't think his ass was framed 😂😂😂
singer4soul singer4soul Apr 30, 2016
The tea is unbearable i cant even book one had me OD on tea but book two is gon kill me i see😩😳🙈😭😸😇😘💯💯❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥