The Looking Glass (Book Two of the Valois series)

The Looking Glass (Book Two of the Valois series)

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Gemma Lawrence By GemmaLawrence31 Completed

Not every Princess lives Happily Ever After....Even once they marry the Prince of their Dreams... 

This is the second part in the Catherine De Medici trilogy which started with The Hole in the Floor. 

Henri king of France lies dead, killed in a bloody jousting accident and leaving his country to be ruled by his young son, Francois. Catherine is the Dowager Queen but must work with the dangerous Guise family in order to secure her last promise to her husband; to always protect their children. 

This story is told also from the perspective of the new Queen, Mary, also the Queen of Scots as she and her young husband find themselves in the power of those who have played these games before, and won.

The fight for the soul of France, has begun

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-QueenofSpades -QueenofSpades Sep 03, 2014
Was it true that Catherine had something to do with Nostradamus and his looking glass?
RichardMcnelly RichardMcnelly Mar 06, 2014
A bit of magic thrown in, but Catherine all ready has shown that she has a bit of foretelling.
                              Nice opening. 
                              My bit of foretelling, is this will be every bit as fantastic as Hole I The Floor.
GemmaLawrence31 GemmaLawrence31 Oct 06, 2013
Updates coming on this story on Tuesday! Then we're almost ready for the next book in the series!
SilverSlipper SilverSlipper Sep 26, 2013
Great opening, very dramatic. I have a vague memory of a myth about Catherine De Medici that I think this relates too...seeing the future reign of her sons in the mirror? Was that right?
GemmaLawrence31 GemmaLawrence31 Jul 27, 2013
@DLSproule Most flattered! Thank you. Hope you continue to enjoy the book...I've had it in my head for a while now and wanting to get it out!
DLSproule DLSproule Jul 24, 2013
Loved the prologue. Very atmospheric. And chapter one picks it up well...