Craving your acceptance.  (Underfell Au)

Craving your acceptance. (Underfell Au)

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Ramen-Sansy525 By Ramen-Sansy525 Updated May 11

This amazing idea belongs to brokendollhouse13~ X3 the amazing art too! Thank you peeps!
Ok, now for bad summary...

There is nothing better than having love and acceptance from your loved ones. Sans, in this case, has none of that. He would literally kill to have acceptance from his bro. He's tried many times in the past only to have it come up and kick him square in the ass. Papyrus is even trying to change, he wants to see how he can get Sans to improve, realizing he's doing it wrong. At this point, Sans would eventually give up, right? But what if Sans could change all of that...? What if he could just do something, anything to impress his brother? He may just get his wish on the road he's going down... But what happens when Sans goes to far...? Find out, over there! ---->

This wasn't a terrible summary, I guess... ;:D

oscar_ftm oscar_ftm Jul 02
I'm crying oml
                              I just read the names of all the chapters and it sounds like a virgin guy's attempts at drunken pick up lines went wrong
"It just who I am on the inside" and good luck with your main story
XionShadow XionShadow Sep 11
Me: hmmmmmmmmm.
                              Gaster: I could have he's father fight him.
                              Me: but fell might die. Dude his father is ten times worse then him.
                              Blueberry: He could fight both me and Rotten!
                              Me: Sure. Now you can't kill him.
                              RottenBerry: Yea, yea. What ever.
XionShadow XionShadow Sep 11
That is a lie. I know for a fact that it only applies to him meeting blue for the first time. But you would hang out with any other version of you're self. So take this lollipop and kick your boss out. At least then you could live with Honey, cuz I also ship Honeymustard!
VoidVicy VoidVicy Apr 30
When you have a bad day, you sing a sad song just to turn it around! *Sans yells in anger and distress* .... 
                              When you have a bad day, you yell in anger and distress, just to turn it around!
XionShadow XionShadow Sep 11
"I'm not blunt." I say bluntly with a blunt expression.
                              Sure you're not mad... Sure.