Jeff the Killer x Reader part one

Jeff the Killer x Reader part one

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Sarah By dieinglife Updated Jul 21, 2013

________'s Point Of View:

An uneasy feeling brews in my gut as I briskly walked home from school. "H-hello?" I nervously call out, stuffing my mittened hands into my pockets. A small rustling sound echoes through the darkened street as I begin to sprint home. What if it's the killer? Reports say his killings have been nearing Willowbrook Road (A/N: That's where you live in this fanfic)....

I finger the dagger in my pocket, ready to pull it out if needed. I slow my pace down slightly, rounding the corner. Glancing behind myself quickly, I scan the street. No movement. I let out a soft sigh, unlocking the door. Pushing it open I call out, "Mum, you home?" She waves at me from the kitchen, a grim smile on her face.

"Welcome home darling, your Father will be working late." she smiles quickly at me, a quick, but beautiful smile. "Okay," I murmur, "I'll be in my room if you need me."

I flop down onto bed, spreading my textbooks in front of me. "I think I'll do English first..." I yawn, p...