Falling In Love All Over Again (Rowdyruff Brick x Reader)

Falling In Love All Over Again (Rowdyruff Brick x Reader)

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Nightmare_of_a_Warrior By New_Skara_Scream Updated Feb 03

Inspired by the song Para Lang Sayo. 

Since some of you don't speak Tagalog, I'll just explain what the song means.

The song is about a girl that had a relationship with someone who only broke her heart & because of that, she decided to close her heart & never fall in love again. She told herself that she will never love again because she doesn't want to get hurt anymore. Until she met someone who stole her closed heart. She falls for the boy & decides to open her heart once more.

That's how the story will go :)

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Sounds like me and acts like me except I don't have a boyfriend just a crush and I swore myself never to fall in love with real boys because made up boys will never break your heart because they are not real
GloriaZurian GloriaZurian Dec 23, 2017
Love is a beautiful thing but when you break somebody's heart you a big jerk
Me: I hate boys 
                              Buttercup: same
                              Bell: ummm  girls can you stop talking about boys
                              Bubbles and Blossom: no way
Negenisdead Negenisdead Jul 09, 2017
A bich is a dog, a dog barks, bark is on trees, trees are apart of nature, nature is beautiful, so thanks for calling me beautiful
1-800-PUPPET 1-800-PUPPET Sep 04, 2016
Dude it looks what I think it looks like! YOU LOOK LIKE YOU FUCKIN A BIATCH OVER THERE!!!
- - Dec 18, 2016
                              We are only 4!
                              Is there a ghost?