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Heartbroken! Yandere! x Rich! Reader x Desperate! Yandere

Heartbroken! Yandere! x Rich! Reader x Desperate! Yandere

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✨ ταεκο γαΜαδα ✨ By Taeko_GothLoliGirl Completed

"How can I live with this pain? How can I overcome my sadness?

My heart is now shattered into pieces... now she went to Heaven without me. I didn't have enough time to tell her how much I love her... and I want her in my side forever until the end of time.

We even vowed that we will live and die together... but fate took her away. It left me...


Is there someone I can love? Is there someone I can give my everything?

I don't know. But hopefully... surely... I will meet that girl who will love me in her place.

I hope my wishes will come true. I hope that she will love me the same as my love have loved me..."

(May contain inappropriate scenes not suitable for young readers. Readers should be 15+)

WakeyCakey WakeyCakey Mar 17
I'm surprised he's not sick.....When you cry for a long amount of time you tend to get sick because that's water being drained from your body.......HE MUST HAVE A STRONG IMMUNE SYSTEM :0000000000000000000
And this, my friends, is the end of our peaceful and lovely life.
                               ( - . -)/ R.I.P
That_One_Insomniac That_One_Insomniac Dec 30, 2016
Imposter. I can't buy a box of markers at the damn dollar store.
*sips drink*
                              *reads that*
                              *spits out drink*
                              I DO WHAT?
                              I'm atheist
JMaeSaltingLewis JMaeSaltingLewis Dec 26, 2016
Go to a f*cking doctor then!! Wounds in your heart sound pretty fatal. xD just don't expect the readers to help chu cause I'm sure we ain't doctors... Jk I had to say that and take it like it was literal.
zeze85 zeze85 Jan 03
that's funny me and my family are so broke that we've been eating nothing but ramen noodles for about a month now