Heartbroken! Yandere! x Rich! Reader x Desperate! Yandere

Heartbroken! Yandere! x Rich! Reader x Desperate! Yandere

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Saki Miyu By xX_SenpaiQueen_Xx Completed

"How can I live with this pain? How can I overcome my sadness?

My heart is now shattered into pieces... now she went to Heaven without me. I didn't have enough time to tell her how much I love her... and I want her in my side forever until the end of time.

We even vowed that we will live and die together... but fate took her away. It left me...


Is there someone I can love? Is there someone I can give my everything?

I don't know. But hopefully... surely... I will meet that girl who will love me in her place.

I hope my wishes will come true. I hope that she will love me the same as my love have loved me..."

(May contain inappropriate scenes not suitable for young readers. Readers should be 15+)

I do this sometimes....when my mom changes the wifi password and won't tell me or when I don't get to have Starbucks or I can't afford it
love_lammas love_lammas Nov 25
I know it's supposed to be sad but, I'm legit laughing so hard
This isn't a lie in real life this paragraph here is true right now to me but I don't want my life like this I want a normal one with no fans screaming "Yukino-sama please notice meeeee!!!" Like seriously are they crazy who wouldn't notice your high pitch screamin
lolol *throw away the iphones and get all dem Samsungs* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Bish I'm an atheist. "Oh, my dark lord Sebastian! Thank you for being my butler and being gay for ciel!" I chanted while Bowing to my shrine of my dark lord,black candles surrounding me. Idk that I just wrote -_-;
damn this is not me I can't even buy a look pop from the dollar store