My Alpha

My Alpha

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TheGirlWhoCriedWolf By Sian_1357 Updated Jun 06

'His skin ripples and crawls before turning to brown fur. His face lengthens to form a snout, the fingers on his hands growing vicious claws. Caleb now stands stable on four legs instead of two, a tail swinging lowly behind him. 

Avalon drops her expensive camera that her father bought her as a going away present. She tries to stop her mouth from falling open in shock, but she fails miserably. 

"She said she wanted the truth," Caleb's voice is suddenly inside her head, "Now she has it"

He watches Avalon with his animal eyes, waiting for her to run or to start flashing photos of him for her latest article. 

Instead, she stands completely still with her mouth now sealed shut. She takes a deep breath then attempts to speak in an even tone,

"And here I was thinking your big secret was that you were a drug dealer" '


Avalon Pierce is a journalist who moves to Oakwood to find new adventures and a fresh start.

Caleb is an Alpha who moves to Oakwood to try and escape his past and protect his pack.

No good can come of a journalist being around someone with such a sacred secret. But how could they possibly stay apart when nature is pulling them together?

How could it be that a human like Avalon could be the mate of an alpha like Caleb?

And how much can either of them handle when Caleb's past finally catches up to him?

Campervangirl2000 Campervangirl2000 Sep 10, 2016
Yeah I like this a lot keep going with it, I can see something great coming out of it