[DanganXKatekyo] Hope's Peak Academy

[DanganXKatekyo] Hope's Peak Academy

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Kyuubey (Syen) By Kuubixient Updated Sep 12

[Dangan Ronpa and Katekyo Hitman Reborn crossover!]

Sawada Tsunayoshi finally acclaimed the title of the Tenth Vongola Boss, finally engaging work in the Mafia underworld with everyone and every famiglias whom he called as "family". It was just a normal day, with Mukuro and Hibari wrecking the mansion as always, Lambo and Gokudera calling each other names, Ryohei and Yamamoto practicing their techniques in order to sharpen them for their next battle, Tsuna received a letter from the school called "Hope's Peak Academy", where it "fosters students in whom the country can place their hope" in.


Or is that what it is?

[Disclaimer: I do not own Akira Amano's work Katekyo Hitman Reborn, as well as Spike's/Kazutaka Kodaka's Danganronpa]

[I will be following the GAME's gameplay, and not the ANIME]

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Tsukiko_48 Tsukiko_48 Jan 11
Foreshadowing since Kizami's self proclaimed messed up "brotherly" love for Yuka (corpse party reference)