Nidome no Yuusha

Nidome no Yuusha

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bondaiguu By bondaiguu Updated Apr 29, 2016

Ukei Kaito, the protagonist  who desperately saved the world after being summoned in another world as a hero to defeat the Demon Lord.

Though he did defeat the demon lord and saved the world, but he was betrayed by the people he trusted as friends and is stabbed to death by a sword.

At that time, he swore.

If there is a next time, he would no longer cling to the word called 'believe'.

If there is a next time, he would pay them back as cruelly as possible.

If there is a next time, he wouldn't make another mistake.

「I... All of you... I will absolutely kill you all......」

After leaving his last words, he died.

And then a voice resounded.

.........【 System Message: Tutorial Mode has ended. 】.

SeptimusAJames SeptimusAJames Apr 26, 2017
Um.....Wrath is one of the seven deadly sons you should be called 'Sin Sword of Vengeance' not holy, cause that sword is not very holy anymore....
Cool_Blue0911 Cool_Blue0911 Mar 21, 2017
Must be a Scorpio....he's just like me........Yes!!!! 😂😎🔥
valindro valindro Aug 03, 2017
I do that too. Someones standing over me when i wake up......i punch them in the face....i do give people waenings when i can not to do that...
reandayo reandayo Oct 04, 2017
valindro valindro Aug 03, 2017
Must be one hell of a hard tutorial or is it the tutorial for demonlord?
MidKnightOwl MidKnightOwl Jul 20, 2017
From what I've read so far, I don't really expect for him to become good again.