My Protector (Taro Yamada X Reader)

My Protector (Taro Yamada X Reader)

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Yu can go Blerp By Lady_midnight_writer Completed


Paranoia, that's all he felt, depression, anger, guilt, confusion. Why were all these girls dying around him? Was he the reason why? Who's that girl with black hair who always watches him?

Is he going insane? He's like a small child now, lost and unsure what to do anymore until he meets an underclassman girl, who slowly, but surely begins to help him, never leaving his side. He told her she should, but all she did was shake her head and tell him a simple "no". She knew what could happen to herself, death, a horrible one, but she could care less. Now wanting to protect the boy known as Taro Yamada.

YouTube_Is_Life56 YouTube_Is_Life56 Dec 19, 2016
I have so many crushes it's not even funny. 
                              Draco Malfoy
                              Tom Felton
                              Percy Jackson
                              Rin Okumara 
                              I have so many it's not even funny. This list can go on
PrincessElina1 PrincessElina1 Dec 30, 2016
Taro's strength + personality should only word explains WIMP xD
Another thing: Kendo and gymnastics club? Screw that, 醉拳(drunken fist) ftw!
NiLanyaFics NiLanyaFics Nov 03, 2016
                              Jelly as she wanna be!
                              Jelly as she wanna be!
                              (Anyone gets it?)
XxJessTheWolfxX XxJessTheWolfxX Dec 18, 2016
She looks just like me but I have brown eyes btw nice drawing
YouTube_Is_Life56 YouTube_Is_Life56 Dec 19, 2016
BISH fight me. *runs to America* (no not America from Hetalia. I'm going back to CHB)