Homestuck One Shots

Homestuck One Shots

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Erisolshipper By erisolshipper Updated Oct 02

You read the title, right? 

Well, make a request: 
-Comment/PM/Message board a ship 
-Specify an AU (if you want it) ?
-Free control? (Just let me do whatever)

For all your sinner needs!

Hammer time♥
                              AU where the humans are trolls
                              You are free to do what you want as long as you include a sleepover ;3 gotta love em
Let's get crazy JohnxTavros Black either nsfw or sfw whichever is easier for the storyline you come up with :D
Screamvee Screamvee Jun 02
Oo ok ok 
                              Maybe red soltav /Nsfw with a dom sol?/
                              Or maybe just sfw, its up to you ;,
sawlitude sawlitude May 29
oo why not Eridave (it's not an otp but there's literally none of it so) and you do whatever you want w/ it
Pepsicola (red) 
                              Idc if its Nsfw or sfw tbh
                              Feel free to do whatever,,
NerdyGeeker NerdyGeeker Oct 03
DirkJade? (Its a weird ship, im sorry)
                              NSFW (Because I'm a dirty sinner)
                              You are free