Panther's Mate

Panther's Mate

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Elena Roxanne River By teardropsriver Completed

An unpredictable war had changed the known world and humans are no longer the most powerful being on earth. Animal shifters took control of the main cities and now are the rulers of everything around them. They live in peace but are always prepared to fight because they know that the war isn't over.
   The old enemy comes back to finish what he started in the first war. Killing the last survivors of the First Bloodline is Cain's only goal and this time he's determined to succeed. Sheila, the daughter of Kallos, the head of the Shifter Council, is the last on his list.     

   The world is a jungle where only the strongest survive.


Cover design by:  -comets

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- - Apr 01, 2015
Umm will it be okay to use one of your male names for my stripy I'll give you full credit and you'll be dedicated
nancylogan2 nancylogan2 Jan 19, 2015
@tearsdropsriver,so are a great writer .you deserve to get published.
nancylogan2 nancylogan2 Jan 19, 2015
@tearsdropsriver,I couldn't put your book down til I finished reading is really that great.
nancylogan2 nancylogan2 Jan 18, 2015
@teardropsriver, this is your first you have me hooked at the prologue.
Ladybirdavenger Ladybirdavenger Aug 31, 2013
Hi hun, this story sounds cool already and I'm only on the prologue :)
                              Just to bring it to your attention, the plural of city should be 'cities', same with army, it should go to 'armies', instead of 'armys'.
                              No offence at all intended, it would just make the story even better :)
teardropsriver teardropsriver Jul 23, 2013
@Jze1812 thanks i'll try to do better so you can enjoy the story more. kisses