Journey ( August Alsina FanFiction )

Journey ( August Alsina FanFiction )

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Yoyoo By _yoyooo Updated Dec 10, 2016

Healani has always been dealt the shit end of the stick. Nothing in her life came easy but with the help of her best friend she's managed to just take it day by day. That's what her life consisted of, just hoping and praying she got through the day.

Josiah being so closed off, so anti social friends weren't something he was familiar with. All of this comes with reasoning.

Doesn't that make both he and Healani a set up for failure?

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I already know what's up... I dare somebody.. Anybody to mess wit mine when or if I ever get to that point.. I'm going to jail or hell
itsreinaaaa itsreinaaaa Oct 14
*orders pizza, and then goes to Mercari and balance that card out* 🙂🙂🙂
itsreinaaaa itsreinaaaa Oct 14
Who is he? How he even get in the story? Bye . 😒 just cause you gotta phone don't mean you "being grown " 😉
itsreinaaaa itsreinaaaa Oct 14
*sits up on the bed because they really pissing me off * 😐
Perplexing_Mxrrii Perplexing_Mxrrii 13 hours ago
I hate silent lunch then the teachers be so quick to make us silent then write us up for laughing and coughing
itsreinaaaa itsreinaaaa Oct 14
I can't do it. If I look at one of my friends, they either doing something stupid or mouthing some words at me . 😭😭