True love (Max/Mithzan x reader)

True love (Max/Mithzan x reader)

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So the above picture is your current hair, though we may dye it later, and the outfit you will be wearing in the next chapter. So backstory!

You are 22 years old, and you live in Bellevue Washington. You have worked at Skymedia for 1 month so far and you have met everyone expect Max. (He is away at the moment) everyone adores you. You are the only child in your family, and your best friend is Adam. You have one million subscribers. Everyone says that you are the best gamer in the office. You are extremely nice, but when you aren't (meaning your bad days) you are probably worse than Max. Your hair is pink, and you wear a variety of outfits. I guess that's it. Enjoy!


  • adam
  • barney
  • houseowner
  • max
  • mithzan
  • ross
  • skydoesminecraft
  • skymedia
  • thatguybarney
loki_of_slytherin loki_of_slytherin Aug 09, 2016
My hair is pink, it faded a little though and my actual hair is growing make in. So my hair is brown at the top and a faded pink the rest of the way.
soosootrain soosootrain Aug 25, 2016
Sarcastic Humor is my first language. My second is the speaking of engrish
AnAsianCinnamonRoll AnAsianCinnamonRoll Aug 15, 2016
This is actually the hair color I was gonna use for the book, XD
loki_of_slytherin loki_of_slytherin Sep 26, 2016
I used to always hate the color pink, but then I dyed my hair pink and I loved the color pink I dyed it.
V_Renee_V V_Renee_V Aug 16, 2016
Mad max needs a nap. He shouldn't be calling me of all people the queen of youtube