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Expect this book will make you fall for our girls even more than you are right now, at this very moment.

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I......i litarly HEARED this i did read it i HEARED it😂😂😂
The atmosphere was quiet during the whole journey to the Amusement Park.
"You're so cute!!!" I was shocked when Tzuyu pinched my cheeks as she said . And that made my heart beat faster.
I-it's so h-high." i managed to say, my  hands were already starting to shake subtly. I was surprised when Tzuyu held my hand.
"Do you not like to be with me?" I was startled by her. It's like I want to confess. 'I love to be with you, Chou Tzuyu! I love you so much!' Aish, I'm getting dumbfounded by her question. I almost said it.
"It's not that---" i got cut off because she was smiling at me and she hugged my arm then pulled me towards the roller coaster that was very high >///< I can feel a bit of unease..