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Anime Yaoi One-shots [ON HOLD]

Anime Yaoi One-shots [ON HOLD]

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Hiatus By otaku_209 Updated Sep 04, 2016


Only [x Male!Reader] allowed, this is a reader-insert yaoi oneshot book of all types of oneshots. You can request whatever character you want on the Request Page.

Updates are every: Random

Wafflerabbit Wafflerabbit Sep 10, 2016
Bruh I suggest you watch osomatsu-San. You don't need to tho
InternetLanguage InternetLanguage Apr 29, 2016
Two characters + reader or Three characters + reader 
                              If so seme Aomine x seme Kagami x seme Kise x uke male reader lemon 
                              Seme L x uke male reader x Seme Light lemon
xWiccanx xWiccanx May 06, 2016
bokuto koutarou x Shy male reader
                              Shizuo heiwajima x Male Reader ((Durarara))
weebinwonderland weebinwonderland Nov 24, 2016
Where are the comments for this beautiful anime
Jeppblackmen Jeppblackmen Jun 27, 2016
Ehhh can you do Jealous!Levi X Male reader? Thanks youz 😊😊
MiraculousKittyKat MiraculousKittyKat Nov 13, 2016
Thx for the names, now I can watch the ones I haven't seen yet