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Prove it to Me, Alpha

Prove it to Me, Alpha

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melanin.drunkie By __ADaj__ Updated Sep 16, 2016

With her approaching sixteenth birthday, Jaidalyn Smith wanted nothing more than to find her mate so he could tell the future Alpha of her pack - who she was not fond of in more ways than one - off. 
  Since the start of high school, the Alpha-to-be had been like an annoying mosquito at Jaidalyn's ear,  and it didn't matter how fast she swatted because he would always remain.  He was always there to fight her battles, and it made her feel like the weakling in the Gold Moon Pack. . .she didn't like how he knew when to make an appearance - whenever she got in trouble with a teacher, or like that time she had enough of his girlfriend's behavior.
  Jaidalyn was smart, and she always had this feeling that the wolf with Alpha blood was her soul mate, but she didn't want to believe it and so she pushed those thoughts to the back of her mind. 
  On her sixteenth birthday, all her forbidden thoughts chose to make an appearance. . .and so she knew instantly:  they were clarifications that the rest of her life would be shackled to one she neither wanted nor desired. 
  Jaidalyn knew that the Moon Goddess was smart, smarter than every wolf, and that she knew she would have rejected him.  On her sixteenth birthday, Jaidalyn knew that the Moon Goddess had turned her back on her because she had ensured that he forced his claim onto her and there was nothing Jaidalyn could do. . .she was stuck with him forever.
  Cover by: thee_book_queen

TheMainShordy TheMainShordy Sep 02, 2016
I guess I was wrong about wolves being calm. Clearly, she has anger issues. I think we should be friends.😍✌
TheMainShordy TheMainShordy Sep 02, 2016
Legit my friends and I except, I don't admit  that I'm exaggerating, they usually know.
Fierce_Chesire Fierce_Chesire Aug 12, 2016
Ahh honey umm not sure that your gonna get away from Daniel 😌😌
TheMainShordy TheMainShordy Sep 02, 2016
Are you serious? You told him to leave. It's sort of your fault.
ReRe_E ReRe_E Dec 11, 2016
I think you over explain things a little too much. Don't get me wrong you are an amazing writer but the amount of unnecessary description makes the story drag
TheMainShordy TheMainShordy Sep 02, 2016
That's not what I was thinking but whoever is, I think we can be friends.😂✌