Nudes // Narry (boyxboy)

Nudes // Narry (boyxboy)

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xxx By ot5con Updated Dec 31, 2016

Niall and Harry have been friends since diapers, but the two thought it'd be a great idea to buy an expensive ass apartment that they can hardly afford. 

So, Harry takes pictures of Niall naked and sells them for hundreds of dollars. 

Niall's body is being sold for money and he doesn't know it. 

But, what happens when he does find out?

hazza_for_banana hazza_for_banana Dec 25, 2016
Send me a link to those's for geography project ,~.~,
OuiNarry OuiNarry Aug 31, 2016
I almost broke my thumb trying to press read 😂😂 when I seen 'naked' and 'niall' in the same sentence 🙌🙌
Oh_oh_kkaebsong Oh_oh_kkaebsong May 06, 2016
WOW!! I - that - just.. You literally left me speechless ( in a good way course) love ur story idea ❤ and hope you'll  continue :*