Marvel One-Shots and Imagines | REQUESTS CLOSED

Marvel One-Shots and Imagines | REQUESTS CLOSED

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✪Grace Rogers✪ By gracexrogers Updated Mar 01


This is my Marvel imagines/one-shots book!

I take requests for the following characters:
Steve Rogers
Tony Stark
Bucky Barnes
Clint Barton
Thor Odinson
Loki Laufeyson
Bruce Banner
Pietro Maximoff
Peter Parker
Natasha Romanoff
Wanda Maximoff
Peter Quill
Matt Murdock
Grant Ward
Lincoln Campbell 
Daisy Johnson
Jemma Simmons
Leo Fitz
Robbie Reyes
Alphonso Mackenzie (Mack)
Elena Rodriguez (Yo-Yo)

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UsuallyWeepingNacho UsuallyWeepingNacho Dec 28, 2017
Nah man I feel like he would agree with some stuff that it says
casualcottoncloud casualcottoncloud Mar 09, 2017
*sees cover* *deep breath*  BOOOOOOOOOOIIIIII NO. NO. JUST NO.
MyNameIsC MyNameIsC Mar 01
Honestly I’m 17 years old and if someone said they wanted to play hide and seek I’d be so down to do it😂😂
NightCore16_ NightCore16_ Apr 16, 2017
Me: St-
                              Steve: say my name already 
                              Me: St-steven universe
                              Steve: 0.0
youidiotsandwich youidiotsandwich Apr 21, 2017
i actually can't believe you made a cover of shirtless steve blended into a dorito.
mari_althea mari_althea Jan 11, 2017
Here we go go again, dealing with Sharon haters. *whistles* I'm not pointing at you author, I like you very much.