Regret Of Love (Nalu Highschool Fanfic)

Regret Of Love (Nalu Highschool Fanfic)

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Natsu-Dragneell By Natsu-Dragneell Updated 5 days ago

One boy and one girl. There both in FairyTail Highschool. Lucy Heartfilia is 17 years old, and is average. Natsu Dragneel 19 years old, is her boyfriend who is the jock, and heart throb of the school. He always was eye candy for the females on campus. That all changed...drastically.

One day Lucy stumbles upon a rumor that her best friend tells her about Natsu.

What will happen now that the rumor is out?

Will Natsu prove his innocence? 

Will everything end in tragedy?

Find out in the story. Suck at summaries!

I really hope your just pulling my leg... I also hope it's not natsu doing this to her.. But sting
My hearts gonna break :(( he moved on?? HE BETTER GET JEALOUS.. if its lisanna...✖
Omg         PLEASE UPDATE!!!!! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
This has to be the best romantic book I have read so far this is amazing please update for gods sakr
I like it sissy but I think the letters should have been done in red to make the words pop a little
The prologue is so sad sissy. I can tell I'm going to be crying reading this. Sniff 😢