Fireproof  #Wattys2017

Fireproof #Wattys2017

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My name, is Harley Davidson. 
Daughter of the famous Bolt and Storm. By day they are the owners of the famous motorcycle company they named me after. By night they are the famous superhero team Bolt and Storm fighting crime to save the world. 

Like I said, my name is Harley Davidson. I have no idea why my parents decided to name me after their motorcycle company, but they did. I'm the ex-girlfriend of Will Stronghold, son of the famous Commander and Jetstream. Just because we're not together anymore doesn't mean we still can't be best friends. Especially with our friend Layla. Will, Layla, and I are about to start a new adventure as we start high school. And who knows, maybe there's something in store for all of us. New friendships. New enemies. Maybe even love. 

Disclaimer: I do not own Sky High. I only own Harley and her parents.

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fe2owg fe2owg Jan 22
Mine is on the first day too! But I'm younger than everyone else in my grade
NevLleh NevLleh Oct 09, 2017
In another one I've read it said that her last name was something with a bitch at the end. Lol
Im the eldest in my class 
                              I only know becuse a boy had to kiss the eldest on the cheek
Drusilla_Blackfire Drusilla_Blackfire Mar 22, 2017
Hell yeah.  This pug is already dead and cooked,  there is no reason to make good bacon go to waste.  Plus I'm hungry and it's good.
HalfMiralukanJedi HalfMiralukanJedi Nov 19, 2016
She needs someone with warmer hands? *cough*Warren*cough*cough*