Partners (Transformers Prime)

Partners (Transformers Prime)

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I was nothing like my sister. I was more soft spoken, I enjoyed soft rock, I loved playing the piano. . . The list goes on. I had missed her dearly though. She had left about a year ago as an exchange student. Now we're living with a nerdy girl who smells as bad as the fish market in Tokyo. And I have to share my room with her. But, as a way out, I worked my hardest to get my grades up and soon enough I received my letter. 

Goodbye Tokyo. Hello Jasper. 

One thing I didn't know about America was that giant alien robots lived there. Another thing I didn't know was that I was going to be one's partner. Maybe even more than that. . . 


A/N: I only claim my OC and the outfits I make on Polyvore. The media, cover, and Transformers characters go to their rightful owners.

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Lunarwisp Lunarwisp Jul 10, 2017
Some Americans don't like it when you come up with a great comeback and they can't think one up
FlowerCutie04 FlowerCutie04 May 23, 2017
Some of them think you're saying the next move of your mission to kill them or something
GeekyGirl424 GeekyGirl424 Aug 02, 2017
I know! I'm white, born in America, and when I spoke Spanish at the store with my also white American friend we got yelled at and were told to 'go back to our country.' 
                              Like damn, sorry for studying for out unit test.
arandomwriter101ed arandomwriter101ed Aug 02, 2016
                              thats what I said?
                              Miko wa, sore wa hijō ni shitsureidesu!
Monsterbunny04 Monsterbunny04 Feb 09, 2017
Hehe same I got no manners,I never say yes sir or mam,but I do say please and exs.
__SuicidalBlood__ __SuicidalBlood__ Jun 22, 2016
She's either from Korea or Japan...Am I right? Sorry if that sounds mean...