Trumperica's Legacy

Trumperica's Legacy

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The Trump Dumpers By trump_dumpers Completed

22 years after Trumperica...

Once Trumperica, always Trumperica. 

The Trumpists are back, and this time, with a much better leader.

Victor Trump is a successful young businessman, and the grandson of the infamous dictator, Donald Trump. 

Lacelett "Lacey" Emerson and Jaylene Mann are the daughters of Senator Madeline Udana Emerson and the famous video game designer, Rylee Mann, both of whom are renowned for ending Donald Trump's tyranny.

Hammond Bell is the Republican nominee in the 2040 Presidential election, and his wife, Kiara Bell, is a hard working doctor. 

Will these totally unrelated people come together to protect American ideals, or will Trumperica be back...this time, permanently?

xMeowd xMeowd Jun 10
I give up.
                              The fourth wall can't be fixed anymore.
                              It's broken forever
                              deal with it
Duh. You're the son of Ivanka Trump, Donald's pretty daughter.  You're bound to be good looking.
AJB2005 AJB2005 May 31
Sociopathic-Llama Sociopathic-Llama 5 days ago
No thanks, I prefer a person who is kind, humorous, and charming.
Poor Lacey. It isn't her fault (or Maddie's) that Leona is crazy!
randomrps randomrps Jun 09
Does she ask Victor to come to the dark side like Palpatine does to Anikin?