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Not Beyond Saving

Not Beyond Saving

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DemonHunter94 By DemonHunter94 Completed

A soft breeze played through Anna's fur as she slowly sat up, noticing that the moon was sitting high above her. It was time. Anna could feel the bond that tied her to Thaddeus Black start to burn as it was slowly ripped from her wolf, her soul. A howl exploded from her as her eyes locked onto the moon. Shifting back into her human form, Anna extended her arms wide as she struggled to stay standing. 
The mark on her neck felt as if someone had laid a piece of silver over it, wringing a blood curling scream from her. "Juna," Anna cried out as she took a small step towards the river, her eyes still glued to the full moon, "I reject Thaddeus Black as my mate and Alpha."
When her mate, who had already marked her, chose another as his mate and Luna, Anna struggles to live each day. Will the pain of losing everything become too much for her and her wolf? Will the both of them stay broken beyond repair, or will Anna find another reason to live?

ryella78 ryella78 Dec 31, 2016
Please don't be Black. She deserves a mate who would never betray her.
Lol listen to 'breakaway' with this book it matches it perfectly
PTBT51 PTBT51 Jun 07, 2016
I hate cheaters in real life, but this is a good story.  Black took away everything and it will be interesting to see what she does in the future...
lady_fairytail lady_fairytail Sep 18, 2016
Doesn't he know he's doing this to her?! He's the one who asked to mark her! I already absolutely hate this guy.
VHThompson VHThompson Aug 05, 2016
I actually want to cry. My heart is breaking for her. Stupid man!
PTBT51 PTBT51 Jun 07, 2016
Wow, I hate this guy Black.  He cheated on his marked mate. Too bad he's not the one to suffer.