Hunter X Hunter Boyfriend Scenarios

Hunter X Hunter Boyfriend Scenarios

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Swaggin' Swagger SUGA By keallua_07 Updated Jan 10


Scenarios of you and some of the guys on the anime, hunter x hunter, going all lovey-dovey.

You, being his girlfriend and him, being your boyfriend. 

Have fun!!

~i don't own hunter x hunter, same goes to the characters.~

cl8rify cl8rify Oct 30, 2016
1. When he hurts reader-chan
                              2. When reader-chan gets kidnapped
                              3. lovey dovey fluff
kurtaohshc_cool kurtaohshc_cool May 10, 2016
Do Feitan X Reader where Reader is part of the Phantom Troupe and they're secretly dating please
GuestGirl4536 GuestGirl4536 Jul 15, 2016
A- Hisoka x child!reader
                              B- .
                              C- not romantic, just cute. The reader would probably be around six or seven.
                              Thank you!
AWierdFanaticGirl AWierdFanaticGirl Dec 06, 2016
It was this moment...I was just having a dream. T _ T
224sup846 224sup846 Jun 10, 2016
A. Gon x reader-chan
                              B. The Fight O-O'
                              C. Reader-chan assumes Gon cheated on her, and they get into a fight. Later on, he explains it was all a misunderstanding, and they make up! ^^
Akatsukifaggots Akatsukifaggots Jun 17, 2016
Can I possibly suggest two people to add to the scenarios? I know it's a lot to ask but i really love Phinks and Feitan and was wondering if you could add them both! It's alright if not!