Bad boys bang list

Bad boys bang list

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Meet Alexis Bennett- crazy, sarcastic, stubborn and what people call a badass. She's known not to be messed with and definitely would break your nose with just one easy punch. 

After getting expelled for the third time her parents have had enough and move to California for a fresh start.

Meet Connor Mathews- careless, rude, obnoxious and one hell of a sex God. He has girls falling at his feet and guys envying him. Him and his two best friends knows as Alex and Gavin were also known at the biggest players in school.

After Connor bangs every girl on his 'bang list' that's when Alexis come along.

"You banged every girl on your list?" Asked Alex, I shook my head keeping my eyes glued on the new girl who was currently on her phone carelessly typing away.

"Not quite"

Roixal Roixal Jun 19, 2016
If you're in need of an editor, message me! This book seems great; can't wait to read it.
kpate135 kpate135 Jun 30, 2016
Hi everyone, could you all go and do me a big favour and read my book, it's called change, it'll only take five minutes and I think you'll really like it, leave a comment on what you think about it, thanks loads xoxoxoxox Katie
@lilCuteNugget ur real name is Alexis, so get ready to be banged by Connor
musicislife163 musicislife163 Jul 01, 2016
that's funny on the cover page it says the name piper. and my name is piper
sammyj88 sammyj88 Apr 29, 2016
If its the same quality of your other books it will be nothing short of perfection.
Slay_Queen_Angel Slay_Queen_Angel Nov 11, 2016
Me.....Like today This girl pushed all my stuff off my desk and I started yelling at her in class while the teacher was talking and I was all up in her face Cuz like.....Who chu Think you Are?