This is how I disappear (newtmas)

This is how I disappear (newtmas)

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Newt is kinda bad ass
Thomas is kinda adorable
They're both cute cinnamon rolls

So the story is basically about Newt's best friend who died and Thomas and Newt found her body. Read if you wanna know more. 

Little Swearing 
Maybe violence (not so much)
A little blood

Sorry for my bad english. I'm doing my best.
Please do not copy my works, pm me if you have any questions. And please don't comment things like "you've copied this story blablabla" because I haven't copied anyone so if there are similar books then it's a coincidence. Thank you. 
I don't own the characters, James Dashner do. The only one I own is Lynn.

If you know where the title is from... Good job you :))

Love y'all xxxx

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I started out laughing and ut turned into to crying😂😭😭😭😭
Dude I wish that was true for my school bathroom, at my school it's like the only place a lot of girls hang out and it's annoying af
*sighs* my family and friends always interrupt my loneliness
Chan_101 Chan_101 May 24
What the heck! I don't even know who this chick is and I'm sad. But I did kinda have a suspicion so idk how to feel
Okay, how would they know if anyone went in there. Did they stand there the whole day? And why would the first place be the girls' bathroom