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Olivia Plockelman By oplockelman Updated Sep 16

"Hello Arianna." he said smiling. 

"You know my name ?" I asked puzzled.

 "Of course I do", Mr. Lee replied chuckling ," now this is going to hurt, but the pain will stop soon do you understand ?" I nodded in response and he slowly put his hand on the left side of my neck, pushing my hair out of the way. I didn't actually understand, but I could now hear my mother sobbing in the background. All to soon I understood his serious question though, my neck started burning and eventually my whole entire body was searing with pain. I could feel everything but I couldn't move at all, I couldn't scream, I couldn't push the strange mans hand away. 

I thought it would become too much and I would lose the fight, I was battling to stay awake, but instead of falling asleep; I woke up.


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gdemartinos gdemartinos Jul 15, 2015
Well done, specially from something done from a tablet. Intro moves fast and provides enough info to continue reading. One question thou, does Arianna will lick any donuts in this story? =)
Raiza_11 Raiza_11 Jun 18, 2015
Good start. You are making me curious. Of course just some grammatical mistakes. Don't worry nobody is perfect, you can perfectly edit when you are done with your work.  :) I like the name Arrianna
Mickey1763 Mickey1763 Jun 01, 2015
This is a pretty good first chapter! It introduces a vague development of the conflict, which is always good :) However, there are a few grammatical/spelling errors throughout the chapter. Other than that, the story is going great so far!
oplockelman oplockelman Aug 07, 2013
@seashaw thank you!! And ill ty to update soon school is starting and I can never find enough time without bein interupted but I have the chapter all wrote out I just need to type it
seashaw seashaw Aug 06, 2013
That sounds a really good book! Please keep writing, i wana know who Mr Lee is!!!
Rsczpt Rsczpt Aug 03, 2013
I like it so far, got here from RastaLove's page c: can't wait till the story progresses :3