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Hetalia:Another Life (Hetaliaxreader)

Hetalia:Another Life (Hetaliaxreader)

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Kitty-chan By hetaidiot Updated Jul 14

(Y/N) is just a normal girl. She hates school and gets bullied. Quite often actually. Then one day after running away from her bullies, a voice calls out to her.
  "You love Hetalia right?"  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  Nothing belongs to me except the story. You own yourself and Hidekaz Himaruya owns Hetalia. That is all. Mentions bullying. Don't like? Don't read.

artistic_wolf123 artistic_wolf123 4 days ago
-has hetalia back pack,with a hetalia water bottle,hetalia jacket,heatalia shirt-no
May I just sing this song in honor of the title.... IN ANOTHER LIIIIIFEEEE!!!!!! I WILL MAAAKE YOUU STAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!
The almighty Author is taking me to the Hetalia world! Hooray
Nnnnooooooooo.... I'm not reading this story be cuz I luv hetalia...
MaoKaru MaoKaru Jun 19
I can name very country by flag, character, human name, hair style, ahoge, favorite food, anything. xD it's nice about how you see the map as a face instead of a few squiggly lines after you watch hetalia so much. Best class: Geography.
Undertale-frsk Undertale-frsk 6 days ago
no i hate it -_- and im reading this book because i want to make fun of it -_-
                              OF COURSE I LOVE HETALIA