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Sweet taboo (Thorki)

Sweet taboo (Thorki)

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IwriteFanfics By IwriteFanficsYaBish Updated Oct 15, 2016

Once upon a time...
There lived a King, Odin the Allfather, king of Asgard. He was the mightiest of them all, wisest of the wisest and had the most beautiful wife a man could ask for, Frigga the Queen. And of course he had a Son who they named Thor, Thor grew up as the mightiest prince, a true Odinson, the golden child who everybody liked so much, the one who outshined his adopted brother, prince Loki. Loki Laufeyson,  son of the king of frost giants from Jotunheim. Of course nobody except from Odin and Frigga knew that Loki was adopted from the Frost Giant family that everybody so feared, and the child would drown in jealousy in his teen years without any Idea of who he really was. But the pure soul of his golden haired brother, melted even his ice cold, tainted heart....The boys became just as close as they once were when they were nothing but mere children, helped one another out in life and loved spending time together as if no one else in the 9 realms existed. But soon enough, at the age of 17, the bond between siblings went even on a higher level. They found love in each others hearts for the other and it wasn't the family kind of love, it was something more powerful, it was indeed lust. And just like that, the taboo was broken, they kept their relationship a secret for centuries until Heimdall found his way to breake Lokis protection spell, then the flowers started to rott and the moon got covered by the dark clouds. They loved each other more than they have loved anybody else, but at what cost did the relationship they had come.....

rejectfalsedreams rejectfalsedreams Aug 19, 2016
Loki, you are a sexy motherfucker, a smart mouthed sarcastic bitch, and an all around badass......
                               That's why you have fangirls and we love you. ❤