All he wanted was some milk. He didn't know it would change everything. 


Mitch Grassi disappeared the summer before his senior year. It's time for him to come home.

Warnings for abuse and neglect, imprisonment, ptsd. No graphic descriptions, but please be aware of these themes.

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KC_Slays16 KC_Slays16 Oct 07
What a coincidence... I’m eating pizza and reading this at the same time.
*jumps out of chair and makes a happy dance* SC-SC-SCOOTER!! AHA SCOOTER 🕺🏻
I've been so scared to read this bc of the description but i'm finally doing it and I'm scared to continue i'm already stressed but I love it
starting this for the first time!! i’ve heard so many good (but heartbreaking) things about it
Agag23 Agag23 Sep 07
*takes my pants off* Christopher never said you can't eat a kitty 😏😏