Letting You Go

Letting You Go

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This story is Adrien Agreste/Chat noir x MALE reader, meaning, It's boys love. If you don't like this kind of stuff just kindly press the back button and don't read it.


You came from a rich family who does so many business trip on the other country. All of the time your family gets a business related trip, you'll quickly move to the country where the bus
siness trip will happen. until they had a business related trip in Paris, so your parents decided to move there.

Being a good child, you agreed and didn't argue because you are USED to moving country to country. But you told them that this is the last moving that all of you will do.

What new things are waiting for you to experience? Is it new friends? New life? Getting super powers? Or New Love?


[A/N]: All of the characters that are included here in the story is not mine (well... Except you 'cause you're mine lol), this is just a fanfiction made by my imagination.

Also, beware of wrong grammars and spellings hehe.

"My eyes!My not so innocent eyes!they've been more scarred!"
Hey I don't wake up from 'light taps' I wale up by *ehem* AWESOME SOLOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
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Well yeah. You travelled all over the world and clearly for awhile so you would have to learn at least a decent amount of the languages. Heyyy that means you are educated ;)
Ryo_Mori Ryo_Mori Jun 15
I've never seen my parents kiss, but I have seen students do it.
What is your native language? I'm extremely impressed at your writing! I hear it's annoying to learn.
Ooohhh I was wondering what is Gumi well I guess that's fine