Youth ✄ Phan

Youth ✄ Phan

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stupid emotional mess By CatsHaveFeelings Updated Jun 27

Dan and Phil live in a world where if you touch someone, you glow the color of your relationship. Green means friendship, red means enemies, and pink means love. 

Phil Lester is the terrifying bad boy who beats up Dan Howell for fun. Dan Howell is the cold, depressed loner who has no friends. 

What happens when they both glow pink?

Me: *touches dan and I turn pink and he turns green* he will never love me.
Phil is such a cinnamon roll it's hard imagining him hurting people or a fly
To anyone actually out there living like this, go you. You're beating the odds while also being ironic and you're an amazing person. Keep it up
i'm pretty sure phils pronouns are he/him. 
                              kinda rude to refer to him as 'it'
*hugs everyone who has to go through this*
                              *gives Dan and Phil merch to those who don't like hugs*
Brain stooooop this isnt supposed to be dirty ugb my stupid mind