Youth ✄ Phan

Youth ✄ Phan

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Well damn By CatsHaveFeelings Updated 4 days ago

Dan and Phil live in a world where if you touch someone, you glow the color of your relationship. Green means friendship, red means enemies, and pink means love. 

Phil Lester is the terrifying bad boy who beats up Dan Howell for fun. Dan Howell is the cold, depressed loner who has no friends. 

What happens when they both glow pink?

Nevermind guys just see him as the phil in the punk edits video okaii its so much easier to visualise- but of course he will have a constant mean face
-havehope- -havehope- Oct 29
When your "religious" but didn't know that priests can't marry
you sick perverts i knew what you were thinking when you read that
no it's because phil secretly loves him and wants to ram him against a wall and softly kiss him
phanandnarwaffles phanandnarwaffles 2 days ago
For a second I thought he meant he and Phil had sex again.....oops
starryphil starryphil 4 days ago
you know what's easy?
                              fûcking him in the ass