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Jealous! Norway x Reader

Jealous! Norway x Reader

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G-chan By chigi_tomato112 Completed

This is my first story, so please don't hate me if it's bad..

You got a call from Denmark and invited you to hang out with him at his house. What you didn't know is that he's going to make Norway confess to you..

By making him jealous.

Yes because you should talk about that right in front of your crush great idea 8/8 gotta go ice sk8
Yes ONLY Matthias because there would be other people calling you at the same time
What is my type is it water, fire, grASS, fighting, steel, dragon, fairy, normal, poison, ghost, dark, bug, electric, ice, ground, flying, psychic, or rock :3
Aph_Ice-cube Aph_Ice-cube Nov 11, 2016
Nah, m8. A unicorn is kissing u.
                              (Sorry i couldn't help myself)
aphukraine aphukraine May 13, 2016
aw aw aw this is so cute
                              (❀´ ˘ `❀)♡︎ you take requests?