Jealous! Norway x Reader

Jealous! Norway x Reader

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You got a call from Denmark and invited you to hang out with him at his house. What you didn't know is that he's going to make Norway confess to you..

By making him jealous.

My very first Hetalia fan fiction ^^

TheEmoJay TheEmoJay Jun 09
"Hornets! Horny, horny, hornets!"
                              That's my favourite part XD
I think you mean there's norway he feels the same.
                              Imma leave now
TerraLuna13 TerraLuna13 Jul 08
Is it bad that I thought of "Feathered Horse Shoe" when I read this?
                              Friend: Why does your hair look like a horseshoe with feathers?
                              Me: It Is A hOrSeShOe wItH FeAtHeRs
evilturkey5 evilturkey5 Sep 13
Actually I usually start liking someone because my despite my intelligence, my brain is kind of annoying and kind of an airhead, and just picks random guys and says "OOH HE LOOKS LIKE HE LIKES YOU FOR NO APPARENT REASON! LET'S HAVE A CRUSH ON HIM!"
Lady__Luck Lady__Luck Mar 21
And made it into ponytail? Proper grammar would be "You slipped your phone in your pocket, then combed your hair and put it into a (F/H/S)"
Literally just my hair down. My friends have only saw me in a ponytail, and that's what, 10 times in 9 months? And they having seen ANY other hair style. 😂