The Idiotic Adventures Of Anna Parker (Hetalia FanFic) (EDITING)

The Idiotic Adventures Of Anna Parker (Hetalia FanFic) (EDITING)

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I was having a good day. 

Having the house to myself, getting to sing and dance all by my lonesome. It was pretty much the ideal day for me. 

But, of course, one thing lead to another and... 

Here I am tied up to my own freaking chair. 


I don't own Hetalia, I just own my characters and the story.

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aloeverasie aloeverasie May 14, 2017
ohnygod after 1 year of unliking anime i just quite find this cringey but i enjoy it lmao
Static_55 Static_55 Sep 19, 2017
I just gasp like I'm dying then start to laugh and smile like there's no tomorrow.
Mink_Zatsamine Mink_Zatsamine Jul 04, 2016
I don't mean to sound rude, but vocaloid was originally made in England with the first vocaloids being Leon and Lola.
sifa12345 sifa12345 Dec 06, 2016
I am 5'4 and 14 the only other freshman I know that is smaller than me is my 15 year old friend but he only turned 15 in October
JudoTheMutt JudoTheMutt Aug 24, 2016
I make raptor noises and flail my arms. At one point my little brother thought i was dying
Mo_onie Mo_onie Aug 04, 2016
Anytime I see Canada I literally squeak and roll around on my bed. I know, I'm weird like that.