Naughty Hearts (Playboy!Killua X Troublemaker!Reader AU)

Naughty Hearts (Playboy!Killua X Troublemaker!Reader AU)

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ImCoolAwesomeN2Dark By ImCoolAwesomeN2Dark Updated Sep 30, 2017

What if a (H/C)-haired assassin troublemaker girl transfers to the school of the Famous-white haired assassin playboy?

And what if he, the most popular, handsome and the heartthrob falls in love with a popular yet troublemaker girl?

Will she fall in love to?


                                       I don't own Hunter X Hunter it belongs to Yoshihiro Togashi
                                  I don't own the songs and the pictures it belongs to their owners 

Date made: 05-04-16
Time made: 7:30 pm

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NoblesseTrash NoblesseTrash Jun 21, 2017
I feel like i was the only one who knew that Kurapika was a dude in the begin of the series
__dazai_osamu__ __dazai_osamu__ Apr 28, 2017
Killua why do u say these things 
                              anD LEVI AND DAZAI OR WAYYY BETTER THAN YOU SO SUCK IT
ZenxJumin16 ZenxJumin16 Jul 26, 2017
I would've said "You're about to destroy my precious personal space".
ACY_blakkroses ACY_blakkroses Oct 31, 2017
HOLY FVCK! THIS IS MY DREAM OC APPEARANCE! (hot toffee hair with dark blinde color and warm highlights, and emerald green eyes)
Red_DDX3 Red_DDX3 May 20, 2017
                              Best friend-don't try to put the blame on me because you know it was you
                              Best friend-Riz please
                              We both did it.....
                              Best friend-*facepalm*
Soulreaper1019 Soulreaper1019 5 days ago