Naughty Hearts (Playboy!Killua X Troublemaker!Reader AU)

Naughty Hearts (Playboy!Killua X Troublemaker!Reader AU)

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ImCoolAwesomeN2Dark By ImCoolAwesomeN2Dark Updated Aug 29, 2016

What if a (H/C)-haired assassin troublemaker girl transfers to the school of the Famous-white haired assassin playboy?

And what if he, the most popular, handsome and the heartthrob falls in love with a popular yet troublemaker girl?

Will she fall in love to?


                                       I don't own Hunter X Hunter it belongs to Yoshihiro Togashi
                                  I don't own the songs and the pictures it belongs to their owners 

Date made: 05-04-16
Time made: 7:30 pm

Jade_Michaelis Jade_Michaelis Dec 30, 2016
Please back away. I have like this personal space bubble and if people invade it they get hurt.
meena2020 meena2020 Jan 06
                              HOW CAN YOU BE LATE AGAIN?!
                              Well, I'm practically ALWAYS late
KawaiiLittleLiz KawaiiLittleLiz 4 days ago
I literally have a twin brother who is one minute older than me O.O, coincidence? I think not, author-chan you are a wizard
misa9984 misa9984 Feb 08
The main character is literally me like no difference in personality or the way I act and dress is this good or bad
Me but i like skirts some girly stuff and a little bit of pink
jumping_eternaly jumping_eternaly Dec 25, 2016
Yes you are killua you the most handsome boy i'd ever seen..
                              Kisses kil on the cheek. Hugs him tightly.😜