Naughty Hearts (Playboy!Killua X Troublemaker!Reader AU)

Naughty Hearts (Playboy!Killua X Troublemaker!Reader AU)

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ImCoolAwesomeN2Dark By ImCoolAwesomeN2Dark Updated Sep 30

What if a (H/C)-haired assassin troublemaker girl transfers to the school of the Famous-white haired assassin playboy?

And what if he, the most popular, handsome and the heartthrob falls in love with a popular yet troublemaker girl?

Will she fall in love to?


                                       I don't own Hunter X Hunter it belongs to Yoshihiro Togashi
                                  I don't own the songs and the pictures it belongs to their owners 

Date made: 05-04-16
Time made: 7:30 pm

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I feel like i was the only one who knew that Kurapika was a dude in the begin of the series
Killua why do u say these things 
                              anD LEVI AND DAZAI OR WAYYY BETTER THAN YOU SO SUCK IT
ZenxJumin16 ZenxJumin16 Jul 26
I would've said "You're about to destroy my precious personal space".
HOLY FVCK! THIS IS MY DREAM OC APPEARANCE! (hot toffee hair with dark blinde color and warm highlights, and emerald green eyes)
Red_DDX3 Red_DDX3 May 20
                              Best friend-don't try to put the blame on me because you know it was you
                              Best friend-Riz please
                              We both did it.....
                              Best friend-*facepalm*
Mrpig101 Mrpig101 Sep 28
Why does autocorrect come when you don't need it but when you do it just disappears